Compliments My Students Pay Me

Kids can make your heart melt- or your self-esteem plummet.

It’s no secret that teaching requires a thick skin sometimes. Kids are brutally- and I mean BRUTALLY- honest, so I compiled some of the more memorable comments I’ve received from students over the past year.

  • “Goodbye teacher, see you in hell.”
  • “Teacher, you look like Annabelle” (see below)

  • “Teacher, why you have brown on your face?”
  • Student: Teacher, what’s that on your arm?
    Me: They’re called freckles. It’s what happens sometimes when pale people go in the sun.
    Student: Oh. I thought it was an allergic reaction.
  • “You have a sister? Is she a little bit fat like you?”
  • Student: Teacher, what’s that on your skin?
    Me: *explains freckles*
    Student: Oh. So… is it a disease?
  • Student: Teacher, are you married?
    Me: No.
  • (With regard to my habit of spacing out) “Teacher, you always have fog on your face.”
  • “Teacher, today, you are not beautiful. Today, you look like a boy.”
  • “Teacher, please sit down. Your butt is not good.”

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